Excelmedicaltutors | Test Prep and Assessment Tools | Overview

EXCELMEDICALTUTORSSM (EMT) has developed two major proprietary Knowledge Assessment systems:

(i) An individualized self-administered, web-based, low stake, Test preparation system, and

(ii) A robust School administered, high stake, Knowledge Assessment system (in preparation).

The Low stake, Self-administered Test preparation tools are categorized into three related modules that share similar characteristics, viz:
  • Practice test
  • Mock exam, and
  • Diagnostic test
These modules are geared to help students:
a)       Gain experience and confidence at test-taking
b)        Manage test-taking anxiety through regular time-bound test-taking
c)        Build test-taking skills
d)       Assess assimilation and validate learning at will
e)   Evaluate readiness to ace in-school and/or external examinations