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EXCELMEDICALTUTORSSM disclaims any affiliation whatsoever with the United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE), The National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) or the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) of the United States of America. All registered trademark rights associated with the use of “USMLE”, “NBME” and “FSMB” are the sole property of their respective owners and EXCELMEDICALTUTORSSM disclaims any association with or rights to those registered trademarks.
All training and educational resources provided to registered participants at EMT HiPassSM Board Reviews for USMLE Step exams are proprietary properties of EXCELMEDICALTUTORS only and not of the USMLE or NBME.
No guaranty or warranty is offered or implied that participation in EMT HiPassSM Board Reviews will determine a specific obtainable USMLE score or NBME grade. Any indicated achievable USMLE score proposed by EXCELMEDICALTUTORSSM is dependent on a number of factors including but not specifically limited to (a) goal set by individual participant; (b) a minimum school certified GPA of 3.4 coming into the review; (c) a minimum class attendance of 90% at the review; and (d) committed use of learning resources, processes and procedures made available to participants at the review.
EMT HiPassSM Board Reviews and its associated resources are designed primarily to (a) prepare participants to their highest level of knowledge, attitudes and skills competencies and for the highest possible score they can aspire to at the USMLE or NBME exams; (b) give participants as realistic a testing experience as possible for the exams, and (c) help participants identify areas of strength and or weaknesses for further remediation.