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EXCELMEDICALTUTORSSM Practice tests provide students and faculty alike with a reliable and credible tool for (a) gauging learning, assimilation and retention of study materials after a lecture or review; and (b) preparing for a school mini or block exam. Taking practice tests at periodic intervals promote active learning, memory validation and activity-dependent knowledge strengthening. (See: Ten Benefits of Testing and Their Application To Educational Practice).  

EXCELMEDICALTUTORSSM Practice tests are written in MCQ format and are structured in line with school curriculum as simple facts recall or clinical vignettes that check applied medical knowledge.

Students taking EXCELMEDICALTUTORSSM Practice test can select test parameters to limit questions to a specific course, organ system or lecture topic of interest. Practice tests questions are limited to a maximum of twenty (20) per session and are timed at 72 seconds per question.

At the end of an EMT Practice test, each test taker gets;
(a) A test score and grade with detailed performance metrics that graphically illustrates his/her performance;
(b) Opportunity to review and obtain explanations for correct and incorrect answer choices for all questions.
Institutions are welcome to subscribe their students for cost-effective access to EXCELMEDICALTUTORSSM Practice tests. Contact us for details of institutional subscription to EXCELMEDICALTUTORSSM Practice tests and other Test preparation and Assessment tools.

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